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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Will I Ever Stop Learning?

Dave is making poached eggs with spinach on toast and hot chocolate for breakfast this morning.  Could life be better than this?

The last few days have been full of our smart and beautiful children and grandchildren, calls from friends, chance meetings with other friends and a message on Facebook from my sister who hasn't been on Facebook since sometime in May.  We've almost finished eating our post-thanksgiving bread pudding, which turned out to be very tasty; I've thinned out a pile of books to include only things I really want to read and I've almost caught up on my volunteer tasks.  And I don't want to gloat but Chris is now driving a BIG truck somewhere in western Canada. 

It really is the small things that bring joy.


  1. You just put my morning in perspective..frittata, sausage, delicious coffee,also served by my better half..thanks for pointing out that joy was what I was feeling :)
    Joan (Cowling)

  2. My husband made and served my breakfast this morning too. Sigh. Gotta love that.

  3. Too many husbands serving too many breakfasts. I gotta get outta here and prevent Cuppa from reading this.

  4. I like the part about the sister who was on Facebook for the first time since the Ice Age.
    She also has now read back a big chunk of Wonder land blogs and laughed and sat in awe at the rantings and ravings of a sibling well educated and always learning!

  5. Too late AC. What's on the menu for tomorrow morning?