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Friday, 5 November 2010

Caution to the Winds

Emma and leaves

Julia and leaves
My son-in-law Bruce, who is Emma and Julia's dad takes lovely pictures.  These were taken just a few days ago, but they remind me of photos I wish I had taken when my kids were small, and ones I wish my parents had taken when I was small.  (And yes, that was since the invention of the box-that-steals-souls)

I loved to jump into piles of leaves and Chris and Sarah did too, but at least when she was small, Emily was not fond of this pastime.  Emily is in some ways a cautious person, and she was leary of what might be swept up into a bunch of leaves.  That was probably wise of her.

Her caution did not extend to other life decisions necessarily, and I would guess the best illustration of that would be this photo:

See how it matches her wedding dress?
From Emily and Morgan professional wedding photos


  1. That's quite the body art. To each their own, eh?

  2. ahahahahaha I like the part about Em not wanting to jump in leaves!! I wonder what Bynny will prefer...

  3. the girls are beautiful and emily is gorgeous!!

  4. Those granddaughters of yours are enchanting--and Emily, too. My Washington son and gang comes tonight.

  5. Gorgeous granddaughters. Love the tatoos matching dress.

    I loved to walk through leaves, randomly kicking them when I was very much younger.