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Sunday, 7 November 2010

How I got croissants I had to eat in the bus

One year ago, when I was at a meeting of a group I volunteer with, I made a commitment to do some work for another group's 35th anniversary.  Twice since then, I've seen the organizers of the event and reminded them that I want to volunteer.  I was keen.

About a week ago, I contacted the group to see what they needed me for, only to be told that their volunteer roster was full, except for the clean-up on Sunday.  No matter, says I, I'm good at clean-up.  See you there.

I nagged at Dave to rush through his shower because I didn't want to be late; I paced around the apartment looking entirely ready at 1:40; we actually got to the venue at 10 to 2 and I said goodbye to Dave, made sure I had bus tickets and headed off to the door marked "Entrance".

It seemed like a good start.  By 10 after 2, I wasn't too sure, but because it was a volunteer organization who'd had a Saturday night party booked, I decided to wait, got a coffee at Timmy's and sat on church steps till 2:30.  Then I decided to  go home and see if I'd missed an e-mail.

Unfortunately, between there and home, I ran into a Shopper's Drug Mart, a brand new beautiful bead store, and a place selling out-of-the-oven croissants, but that was my problem, and I dealt with it in the way I usually do.  And that doesn't mean frugalism or abstention.

When I got home, I did indeed have an e-mail, during the reading of which I discovered that the event is next week.

After I've done my volunteer hours, I'll have to find a different way home.


  1. It was, obviously, NOT a waste of time.

  2. Hehehe! Well, at least you know a great place to buy fresh croissants. :)