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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Charming is as charming does...whatever that means

Some things that charmed me today:
  • Canadians do Remembrance Day very well, and the CBC knows how to capture it.  There were veterans of every degree of bravery and well-being who could break your heart just looking at them, amazing singing from the Ottawa Children's Choir, our new Governor General and his wife taking the salute after the ceremony and thousands and thousands of people laying their poppies on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier---it's as heart-warming as it is heart-tugging
  • Dave made applesauce pancakes this morning.  It takes him an hour, and he uses a huge array of pans and bowls and mysterious kitchen instruments, but their fluffy appleness is supreme
  • Robyn and Emily:  they are adorable together in the same way that Chris is with Phoebe and Sarah is with Julia and Emma---I attribute that adorableness to me and Dave, albeit with no real chain of evidence
  • I spent the late afternoon and early evening with some new friends who were kinder and more accommodating than I deserve
  • pumpkin cheesecake with whipped cream and some tasty liqueur drizzled all over the plate in a restaurant that inexplicably looked like a fine dining location but acted like a sports bar---it didn't really matter to me because I was reading a Japanese ghost story
  • my joy at seeing my apartment building, warm with lights and gorgeous furniture in the windows, after I had to pretend I was with a fierce seeing eye dog coming through the back access path which has no lights at all
  • some sassy posts on Facebook that made me giggle, which is not very appropriate for a woman of my dignity and gravitas.
Altogether a very satisfying day, unless you count the walk through the Christmas display at the Bay.


  1. My Remembrance Day activity was to sit down late this evening and watch "We Will Remember Them" on CBC. All of our soldiers lost so far in Afghanistan were named and pictured, and some were profiled by their families and friends. It really brought home the loss experienced by those who love them; excellent program. Heartrending, as it should be.

  2. I stood, silently, in my kitchen with pictures of all the soldiers lost in Afghanistan in front of me, and I hurt for their families.

    I then walked to the patio door and looked out at the cold November ground, and thought of my dad driving a tank in WWII, getting wounded twice, working with the Dutch underground in Holland and coming back a different man than the one who left home on that cold September day many years ago.

    As I did this the Lennon song ran through my head...All I am saying is give peace a chance...

    Oh God, can't we just give peace a chance!

  3. I spent time reflecting on our equicalent of of Remembrance day, called Veteran's day here, and a holiday.

    The children singing Patriotic songs was touching but I wondered how they really can conceive patriotism like those of us who face the reality of defending our country and the great toll that is paid.

  4. On Remembrance Day, I visited my friendly urologist, who had the audacity to give me the finger, so to speak. Guess when my next appointment is to take place? Lest I forget.

  5. On your comment: some sassy posts on Facebook that made me giggle, which is not very appropriate for a woman of my dignity and gravitas.

    Hey, it is entirely appropriate for a woman of your dignity and gravitas--which means me, too.