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Monday, 8 November 2010

Today and yesterday

This afternoon Dave and I took a walk so that we could watch the sunset.  It was not quite five p.m.  Yesterday afternoon, I am positive, I was swimming at my cousins' place, waiting for a delicious bar-b-q while waving a glass of white wine in a blessing of most of my children and their kith and kin.

Today, I had on an orange down jacket, jeans, runners (with socks), scarf and gloves.  Yesterday, I am positive, I was wearing a very unflattering but new bathing suit and I could see Robyn gazing at my flip-flops with an expression of longing because they have ingrown sparkles.

Tonight, David and I are watching THE EVENT, glad to be in cosy vests with collars standing up to our ears.  Last night, I am sure, I was hoping everyone would go into the house so I could have a nude swim.

It kind of makes me worry about tomorrow.


  1. Tomorrow, you will once more be sipping wine around the pool.

  2. And to think there isn't even any snow yet!

  3. your blog photo is hilarious! Something very cozy about a down jacket!

  4. This is my first visit to your blog and I can't get enough!!
    LOVE your wonderful sense of humor!
    The banner alone makes me want to keep coming back! HA! Great shot!!
    I'm your newest "Follower".
    Thanks for the laughs!!

  5. I agree with Anvilcloud.. I bet today is by the pool again. That is the way it has been here. Two days of frost and now I have air-conditioning on and am barefooted.

    I guess we just have to go with the flow. Predictions for here is a a warm winter which I hope means precipitation will be liquid. We need the precip, badly.