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Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Dave and woodsy moustache
One of my friends was involved in this campaign last year.  Given the cause, I heartily support him.

I've heard that growing a moustache is harder on the the wives and partners, whose patience with the bristles is to be praised, than it is on the men.  That's what I've heard from wives and partners.

What I suspect is that if moustaches didn't speak so eloquently of the 70s, more men would be doing this year round.

What I personally feel is that a moustache (on a man) is almost always flattering, but that's just me.

woolly Dave


  1. Who knew? I think they've been flying under the radar a bit.

  2. Dave looks good wearing a fern moustache--not sure about Santa. I personally like to look at hair-faced men but I don't like to kiss them.