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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Age-inappropriate behaviour, for any age.

A while ago, I moved my laptop from the kitchen counter to my night table---I know, but a laptop has to live somewhere.  It was my intention to use my lapdesk, at different appropriate places, to hold the LT while I was working on it.

Here's how that worked out.  I keep looking at the laptop, cover down, sitting on the night table, and can't resist checking to see if Shoppers Drug Mart has sent me an e-mail or if all my friends on Facebook have simultaneously changed their profile pictures.  Important things happen in my life, and I like to stay current.  After a glance or two, I give up, go over to the night table, get down on my knees on a not-thick-enough sheepskin and fire up the internet.

Two hours later, I need Robaxicet for my back, Advil for my knees and I swear, a lobotomy would be nice.


  1. I think a change might be in order. Or this could become a permanent problem.

    Maybe you should move it back to your kitchen counter?? :)

  2. I've never thought of doing it that way, even when I was a laptop sort of guy.

  3. I am old-fashioned. I have desktop on a desk with a very comfy chair in the corner of my dining room. It works for me.

  4. Oh, oh. If only you had known what would happen next. Do you think the Goddess was trying to get your attention?