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Monday, 6 December 2010

Even worse behaviour.

So yesterday, I wrote about storing my laptop on my bedside table.  Not smart.

Even not smarter?  Tonight, as I was going to get in bed to watch some TV, I knocked over a glass of red wine, over my laptop, my harmony noises machine, my nightgown, my slippers, my favourite leather bag and down two of the walls in my corner of the room.

Apart from a certain raffish smell, my laptop seems allright.  I am not.  And the harmony noises are not helping.

Also lost in the War of the Stupid, my nightgown, my slippers, a bag of clothes I was going to return, a crocheted and jewelled bag I had just made for a friend for Christmas, my Kobo leather envelope, and a pair of crocheted fingerless gloves with 22 buttons (22!!!) sewn on last week. My bedroom smells like a cross between Home and Garden Kitchens and a sleazy neighbourhood bar, and the damn TV program I was going to watch isn't even on.  Woe.


  1. Just as long as it's not Woo! :(

  2. Suckage.
    And what the heck is that on your nose in the photo? I am hornswoggled.

  3. I am amazed the laptop escaped unscathed. It is amazing what a little glass of wine or a cup of coffee can ruin in a few seconds.

    Of course if I had minded my professor of computers oH! so many years ago, many keyboards and other objects would still be in existence! His admonishment was NO FOOD OR DRINK around computer. NO FUN AT ALL!

  4. Oh mommy! What a bummer. Dye the gloves the same colour as the wine?

  5. Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I feel your pain!!!!!!

  6. OMG, this is totally awful. Having lost a keyboard one time over a non-alcoholic beverage spilled over it, you are one luck lady that you didn't frizzle it. Those gloves must be saved! Go to your local janitorial supply and ask for a super-duper cleaner that professionals use. Those gloves must be saved!

    As for those fuzzy virgin marys recently on my site, I thought they were weird too--kitschy to say the least.

  7. maybe u ought to think about switching to white wine - less messy. :D
    u crochet!!??!! i'm going to email you about a crochet dilemma.