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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Select Christmas photos

Lego? clementine? hmmmm.

One of my favourite pictures of Chris, ever

Robyn: Scottish or Chinese?  Cute!

Emily in a hat we brought from France

What do you think?  Father and daughter?

Emma and paisley elephant

Julia, perplexed by a clue to her next gift

We are not all depicted here, but some of the photos are not worthy.  Not from a memorable point of view, but simply based on vanity.  We have a family rule about that.  And of course, Pat, the official photographer, took no photos of himself.


  1. Honestly. People who have nothing better to do than foist Christmas photos on the blogging public! hahahaha

  2. Your family is such a good looking family, Lorna. But, I did notice the absence of you and Dave. What did you wear and did you tell any funny jokes that you can share on the blog? Your family is also a fun family!