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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Telling stories every which way

Emily has a MacBook.  Need I say more?  Oh, I probably will.  Robyn, or as she is more commonly known, (but not by me), Bynny has been making progress towards toddlerdom, and Emily has been collecting proof.

We're focussing on Robyn right now, as we have on all the children at  the various stages of their lives. Pictures trigger the stories, video too, but so do the mismatched socks, the mangled books, the forgotten stuffy that used to be the favourite, the TV shows we watched together, the place we ordered Chinese.

I've been known to be boring on the subject of telling yourself and your children the stories you want remembered.  At the risk of being so yet again, it is so worth it.


  1. I love the way little ones are so proud of themselves when they first start to walk! Their excitement is catching ...
    We need more videos around your house, Lorna. It was fun to see you in action. What's with those pants? My.

  2. As I've said before, Emily presents these videos beautifully. Your Robyn is a doll. I was just on YouTube earlier this evening watching videos of Nikki Dee (who will likely sleep over tomorrow night)and I was "aw shucksing" with the best of them (whomever they might be).

  3. Happy new year, Lorna and Dave. I just loved these movies of Bynny and the family. If one were to step in from outside it would be a classic picture of a young family's life, although we know it's not just happy. All your kids and grandkids are adorable--and I love your hairdo, Lorna.

  4. Happy New Year to all of you and I bet Emily, Robyn, Bynny, etc will have the best year of all.

    Happy New Year.