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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Development of a Warmfashionista

When I was in my forties, I was rather pleased to be able to say that I had never worn a sweatshirt, always had been able to find winter boots that looked totally smashing, went barefoot in the house because it felt so good, wore scarves that made a statement, got over, in an instant, the frozen feeling earrings gave you from November to April and had borne with occasional weeping but immense stoicism the toll being fashionable carries in a Canadian winter.

Somewhere between the forties and the present, I accidentally bought a pair of boots that I loved and which actually kept my feet warm.  It opened up a whole new world!

That sad but true autobiographical moment led to the purchase last week of a couple of warm-as-toast, soft-as-kittens, colourful-as-all-getout tops with hoods, and amazingly, little thumbholes 2 inches from the end of the sleeve, so that I can cover my hands up to my knuckles if I want to.  And I do want to.

Let me tell you some of the perils.  Keyboarding is fine except for the keys you usually hit with the two fingers furthest from your thumb.  Dishwashing, counter-cleaning, safe coffee-drinking and brushing your hair are all out.  Applying makeup is doable but hazardous, but that doesn't seem to make as big a difference as it once did.  Coffee-making is also out, but if you have my handy-dandy husband, that doesn't seem to matter very much.

I'm waiting now for Joe Fresh, the fashion-forward Loblaw's line, to make sweatpants I can hook my big toe through to make up for the way I don't like slippers.
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  1. It's so funny but I also feel the cold more now. I sit here in two socks, long underwear under track pants, and a very think hoodie (much thicker than that of previous pictures but not up at this precise instant). Not that I've ever been accused of being a fashionista.

  2. I get chilled easily, too. In winter, I don't worry about fashion. These days 'warm' trumps 'fashion' every time. My 'hot babe days are over.

  3. Let me know if you find those pants! LOL