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Monday, 24 January 2011

What she learned....

Last weekend, we celebrated Robyn's first birthday, and although the cake that Dave made was lovely, and the music and games were fun, we missed Chris and Phoebe
Phoebe at 14

This is one of my favourite photos from the party---I know I'm possibly prejudiced but it really makes me smile.

Dave and Robyn dance to BareNaked Ladies
although this is not a picture of the birthday girl, it's a lovely photo of the proud parents looking at very cute photos Morgan had taken during the cake ceremony
Mmmmmmmm donuts!! I mean cake!!
Seeing Robyn being so proficient with both hands left me with a sense of having done well with the introduction of chocolate.  When I mentioned this, Emily gave the eye and reminded me that a couple of months ago, I had dipped my fingers in my chocolate milk at a food court and encouraged Robyn to taste it.  About 40 times.

What did she expect?  Sarah had a marshmallow, not willingly, but she did enjoy it, when she was 3 months old and Emily had had white wine spilled on her jammies before she was a week old.  Chris, who didn't get exposed to my eating habits till he was 18 months old, has  only a moderate need for decadence.


  1. I can appreciate Dave wanting to dance to Barenaked Ladies because I ... oh nevermind.

  2. Nice party! Do you think Robyn will share some of that chocolate?

  3. What a great, fun party!!!! And Robyn is darling!!!!!

  4. Love the pictures!! And the story about the sugar products! HA!
    Lovely family, Lorna!
    I always enjoy reading your blog.
    Although, now I have to go in the kitchen
    and find something sweet to eat! :-)
    Sending love -