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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Oh, no, she's not going to mention her Ereader again!!

My Kobo e-reader is broken.

I should have known it would happen because I deliberately took the longest, slowest bus route to Emily's so I could finish reading " Clara and  Mr Tiffany".  Imagine my horror when I opened the lovely, now useless, purple faux-leather envelope, took out the reader, pressed the ON button and watched as the book jacket picture faded, returned, faded then became a mosaic of vertical and horizontal lines and I knew I would have to be on the bus for 40 minutes with nothing to read!

And of course, I'm annoyed that the reader is broken.  I can't get it to respond to any of the various buttons which means I can't even reset it to factory settings, which I've had to do twice already for other reasons.  Anyway, here is my advice to you:

Don't get on the milk-run busses unless you know for sure your reader is going to work.


  1. Poor you. Did you manage to get it fixed?


  2. oh no disaster strikes. so u had to people watch instead? or just stare out the window, sullenly. maybe i'm glad i didn't buy one of those new fangled things after all.

  3. Which reminds me that my iPod is doming something similar.

  4. Not to laugh at your misfortune -
    But this post made me laugh out loud!
    Love your sense of humor. The fact that your reader broke, not so much.

  5. No reader yet. This would be frustrating, however. Better start carrying a paperback in your handbag like in the olden days.

  6. OH NO! I have a Kobo and would be devastated to discover it broken!