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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Update on Status update

E-reader is irrevocably broken according to me.  I went so far as to follow the instructions for manual factory reset, which, frighteningly is: take a paper clip, open it up and push it into a hole on the back of the reader until something clicks.  The screen continued to look like a black and white tartan kilt overlaying a shampoo commercial.

I decided to leave it in the hands of the Consumer Guy.  Dave has had refunds on clothes he bought two years ago, and doesn't have a receipt for, so I thought trying to get my money back at best, and a new Kobo at least should be left to him.  He left for Chapters looking grim.

I stayed home with the mangled paper clips.  And a huge jar of Bailey's filled chocolates.  We're both happy with this arrangement.

Dave is back from Chapters with a full refund.  He said they were as nice as pie.  And from the Dessert King/Consumer Guy, that's a huge compliment.


  1. Dave must be the master of refunds. Does he wear them for two years before returning them?

    Seriously, your reader has been very frustrating for you. I think Thesha's is okay. I should ask.

  2. Bailey's filled chocolates! Something I have never heard of but am now looking forward to with slathering jowls ...

  3. I'm glad to hear you got a refund...but won't you miss your Kobo?