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Friday, 14 January 2011

Such self-indulgence !

The other day, I saw this offering from"Word of the Day" and wrote myself a mental note to work a post around it.  Writing mental notes isn't always that successful but I think the word carries its own destiny.

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Word of the Day
January 11
glabrousAudio Pronunciation\GLAY-brus\
smooth; especially : having a surface without hairs or projections
Unlike the fuzzy peach, the nectarine has a glabrous skin.
"Wounds that involve the glabrous surface of the hand ideally are replaced with skin that possesses the same characteristics as the adjacent skin."
I imagine you can see the possibilities.  Here's a list of glabrous things that have come my way lately:
  • not my chin
  • my glabrous grandchildren, although I can't be too sure about Phoebe, now that she's a teenager
  • not my legs
  • a wonderful apple I'd never tasted before but can't remember the name of
  • not the screen on my laptop
  • every e-book on my eReader
  • not any part of Dave (except that lovely smooth bit that looks like a tonsure)
  • the granite counter-top on which I just spilled my hot chocolate
  • not my cat, of fond memory, which is easy because her non-gabrous hair still lingers in corners
  • the woman who sold us this condo


  1. I'm so gladbrous to read this glabrousious post.

  2. WOW you can make the most out of one word or definition! and impart quite a bit of personal knowledge too.

  3. Glabrous! What a word! I plan to use it at least three times today. Will let you know the results...

  4. Hey, hey! I thought we had an understanding about not revealing our under . . you know!

    Still your other half