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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Whatever happened to that...?

Two and a half years into our condo-life, and I still feel like a new bride.  I fuss around and move the tables an inch or two in each direction; I open the blinds and the curtains so I can get a good luck at the way the colours do or don't complement each other; I spend time gazing at the cups that came with our new set of dishes, loving the soft squareness and the blue vaguely oriental design; I wish every day that my parents could have come here to see the way Dave and I live together---the warm moments, the dull ones, the ohmigod!we'reactuallyaloneheretogether ones.

I wonder if I should have opted for brushed silvery-looking appliances instead of white ones, and I agonize over the various scratches and scuffs.  That doesn't last long, the agonizing, as I realize it's kind of comfortable to have a less-than-pristine look to the place.

Strangely, now that we're four or five years away from the trauma of downsizing, I still miss some things, and catch myself touching, with both sadness and pleasure, pieces of pottery and cushions and chairs that have ended up in my kids' places.

And I still leave the shower door open for the cat that has been gone for over a year.


  1. I still sometimes look for Rocky when I come in the house or when I think I see something out of the corner of my eye.

  2. Nice place, love the book nook!!

  3. Are these pics recent? Did you move the couches back again? I like all the ways you have them but thought the space looked bigger with them side by side along the long wall.

  4. Oh I LOVE seeing the inside of other people's homes! Thank you for this!

  5. I love visiting your home! It's lovely and you have decorated it so well!!!!

  6. I just love the tour of your condo, Lorna. You are a wonderful decorator; all looks homey and practical, and yet it has wonderful touches that make it yours. I love the books everywhere! My kind of home. I am contracting to have my kitchen cupboards redone before I paint the interior and I'm debating about going to white. I like your white cupboards and my son has white, too. What is your absolutely most beloved thing in your condo?

  7. What a fabulous home - and stuff!
    I love 'stuff'!! Thank you for sharing.
    I'm sorry about the loss of your pet. :(

  8. Dear Lorna, although it's hard to tell, I do periodically catch up on your blog, so be careful how you answer Redondowriter!

    Your other half