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Sunday, 27 February 2011

How's things, you ask?

What a weekend we've had.  Chock full of family.  We had Robyn during the day on Friday, Emily and Robyn overnight Friday, Julia and Emma on Saturday and overnight, and Emily and Robyn back for a few minutes on Sunday.  Somewhere in there, we saw Bruce (Sarah's husband) a couple of times, got an e-mail from Sarah who's on a business trip out west, and got a phone call from Chris, who is back home after a long haul.

We've had some good food, some crappy food, one of Dave's famous breakfasts, a fracas with a pot of white glue, minor issues with sticks of sparkleglue, and 3 kids in a tub.  And I'd almost forgotten that I went out to a brunch on Saturday morning.

Nonetheless, I am able to  post the following:

Man, life is good!


  1. fun stuff!! I on the other hand, have been treking around college campuses - fun on it's own, but the whole process daunting.

  2. Hehe! You sound very, very busy!

  3. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks! WOO!

  4. That's an impressive wedding etc. Glad you had a rewarding weekend.