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Sunday, 13 February 2011

It's not all about me, after all

Man, last Tuesday was a long time ago.  I've been on the computer, but blogging, at least the writing part, has been beyond me.

I, who never thought about Egypt, except when reading Agatha Christie or visiting a museum, have been enthralled with the brave, the foolhardy, the beaten, the hopeful, the faithful, the long-suffering, the bloody, the finally triumphant people of Egypt.

Normally we get our news from the radio, but I couldn't take my eyes away from the TV, except to check out the internet.  I was incredibly moved by a photo of thousands and thousands of bent backs at the Square, showing people praying together, and incredibly shocked, frightened and outraged to see men descending on the Square on horses and camels, brandishing poles and whips.

I have been struggling with a sense of guilt for not really understanding the situation, and for not realizing the conditions that led to the protesting.  I know it's not unique to me, but then neither was the rush of pride and satisfaction when Mubarak stepped down, or the concern about what happens next. 

Every once in a while, you get a chance to clearly see our place of privilege.  I hope I can figure out ways to better deserve it.

And ironically, "I" appears at least 10 times in this post.  I hate failing so swiftly.


  1. If it helps, I think CBC has a news special on what led up to the events that recently unfolded. Not sure if it's on the National or part of their Newsworld programming.

  2. It's all confusing and frankly, I'm worried more about what's happening here.

  3. You'll have to explain it all to me sometime. Let's hope it doesn't become another Iran.

  4. We who enjoy a measure of democracy tend to take it for granted even though someone participated in civil disobedience or war to obtain it for us, way back when.

    I fail to apreciate my own country's history, but Egypt in a very small way brought it back to me the last few days and weeks.

    My husband's 22 years in military sortta keep me remembering a tad of why get to vote and choose our leaders, even though the two of us cancel each other out sometimes. That is all right too. We never thought of persuading one another, nor threatened a divorce over the matter either!!!