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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Two out of 134 ain't bad

I've been listening to a lot of great music lately.  Dave has begun digitizing our cassettes, bless his heart, and the '80s are upon us.

Now that sounds like we've been steaming ahead, recklessly ripping every cassette we loved, but in fact, the preparation, the culling, the setup, the glitches and the ultimate failure of our tapedeck means that we've only got two tapes done.  Heart, the epitome of strong women making great rock and roll, and Ian Tamblyn, the epitome of local folk talent from the time we first moved to Ottawa in 1974.

Not surprisingly, my nostalgia sent me to the internet, where I spent hours, (no that, for once, is not artistic license,) jogging my memory and making me sing.  Loudly. 

If you don't know Heart, but like fearless singers, tough lyrics, rock and roll, heart- rending ballads or women in leather, you might like to dip into their site.
Launch their jukebox.  If you only try one song, make it Crazy on You.

Ian has made a gift of his most recent album.  You can hear it here.

How serendipitous is it that both of these treasures are Canadian?

How self-centred is it for me to think you'd be interested in my musical taste in the 70s and 80s?

How predictable is it that I should roll up hippiedom, music, big jewellery, antixenophobia, Celtic tunes, ecological stance, smudgy eyeliner and a man who wears Icelandic hats, and suggest that it would make a good mash-up?


  1. I love Heart and will check into Ian. One of these days, I plan to digitize all of my CDs and get rid of the CD rack that's taking up space in my living room. On the other hand, I like looking at them. Dilemma.

  2. Wasn't this Heart person in concert here in Ottawa last night?

  3. It seens life is an exotic mix of paradoxes. My husband and our are cuisines and music preferejces and educations apart, butn to endure, our differences, sometimes even come to enjoy certain aspects of it.

    42 years later Feb 22 we are still together amid difficulties solved by compromise and recognition of each other deserving respect and love despite our quirks. I have just as many or more than he, so I have a lot of forebearance for his.

    Sometimes these differences are downright laughable. That is what makes it all the more bearable. Find humor instead of resentment and life is full of laughs.

  4. Love NitWit1's comment ;)

    I also love Heart and have a giant drawer full of cassettes which I can still play in my current auto but don't think will be possible when I get a new car.

  5. Sounds like a huge venture to digitize cassettes but we really do have to keep up with technology...even if we are listening to music from the past. :)

  6. Heart will be on CBC radio's program Q (10:00) tomorrow morning (Monday).