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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Loaf of Bread and Thou

I don't think it's a disgrace that I'm not a good cook.  I wish it were otherwise, and I have put together some decent meals from time to time, but in the last few days, my inner chef has encountered some major challenges to its well-being.

First of all was the unfortunate pairing of chorizo sausage with a sweet and sour sauce and rice.  Looked reasonable, tasted awful, and truly, deep down, I knew it wouldn't work but I had promised Dave I would use some stuff we had in the fridge.

I made a double batch of macaroni and cheese, with which I usually have success, but I forgot when it came to the sauce, that I had doubled the recipe.  Not a winner.

But my worst trial was with the bread machine.  We had had a bread machine before, but the loaves were at least 2 lbs, which were too much for us, so we gave the machine to one of the kids.   Then last week, we saw a bread machine that will make a 1 lb loaf, snatched it up and brought it home. 

Dave made the first loaf, and it was delicious and goldy-flaky.  I made the next which was heavy with a crust thick enough to do myself harm with---and I did. 

Dave made a French loaf.  Guess what it tasted like.  Use words that are interchangeable with "to die for". 

This morning I made another, but as the white flour was in an unopened bag way at the back of the cupboard, I used multigrain flour, and did something else bread-unfriendly and ended up with what looked a bit like a tough brown kid with mumps.

I am so glad I am able to bounce back from the awful inner-chef place that loaf sent me to.


  1. hahahaha. Lorna I love you.


  2. At least you try and that's what's important!!

    Also, you might want to get a Costco membership, so you can buy Pepto by the case, if you're going to continue to use Dave as a guinea pig ;)

  3. You want disaster? You shoulda bin here when I tried to cook a quiche not too long ago. Oh my stars!

  4. Oh my!!!! I should send you some of my recipes that look difficult but aren't. I actually won a cooking contest back when I still cooked. I hate cooking for one.

  5. Being a good cook is overrated. I'd rather eat other people's good cooking, and be really good, myself, at oohing and ahhhing.

  6. :D sorry but this makes me feel so much better about myself. i said sorry. actually i'm not much different; pretty much describes my cooking all the time.