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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

On modern pleasures

My daughter Emily's car has heated seats.  I totally, totally love them.

This morning, I loved them even more.

Tuesday nights, Emily goes to her Martial Arts Class and I go to her house to put the baby to bed, spend a quiet evening reading, sleep there and in the morning---at an awful hour----we get in the car and Em drops me off at home before taking Robyn to day care and herself to work. 

It was cold this morning, and Em had let me sleep in.  She woke me about 10 minutes before we left the house, and I'm damned if I could find my underwear.  I had to go commando in the snow, with only thin jeans between me and the real weather.  Not only was I without a source of warmth, I was frazzled from recklessly throwing clothes, books, quilts, cat and shawls from the end of the bed.

And that is why I love heated car seats.  And in a totally unrelated way, I fell in love with a local blonde beer I had at lunch.  Not a bad life at all.


  1. I love my seat warmers!! Thanks for being a great Mina, taking care of Robyn and getting up to go home at such an awful hour!!

  2. I have also been known to forget my underwear.

  3. Lorna, Your kids are so lucky to have you. You are such a wonderful support for them. You are absolutely my idol. xx


  4. Commando on heated seats. It doesn't get better than that.

  5. We have seat warmers which are very comfy, especially since the seats are leather. BUt I'd not like being without underwear.

  6. You made me laugh out loud! HA!!
    Beer and a hot seat - quite the combo. :)