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Thursday, 31 March 2011

simple, again

Yesterday I walked.  And I walked.  I walked outside and I walked inside.  I walked with nothing in my hands, then I walked with a big blue flowered bag full of essential stuff including a ring of the most decadent rolls imaginable.  I did not walk with any music, or any dog, making me stand out in the crowd.  I did walk in jeans and sneakers, making me fit in.

I think I must have met Dick and Jane.


  1. Well if you had decadent rolls, I guess it is a good thing you did not meet me as I would have been tempted to commit a crime for decandent rolls

  2. Wish you were here to walk with me along the country road. Unless the weather is "perfect" and the birds are singing, the walk sometimes seems long when I'm alone. Which of course I never am, because of my doggy escorts. But a human companion would surely be welcome sometimes.

  3. A perfect day!! :-D
    May you have many more!!