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Monday, 4 April 2011

Planning is always better

Here it is the 4th of April and I still haven't been outdoors in sandals.  What a slacker!

When I lived in Germany, I could wear my sandals anytime except during a brief period between November and February; in Ottawa, I've always thought of St Patrick's Day as the day I start to plan for the big toes reveal.  This consists of finding the boxes I put away the year before, checking to make sure I actually have some sandals, sloughing the dry skin off my feet (usually a multi-day, multi-tool operation), choosing the nail polish that meets both my fashion and ageism requirements and, in spite of my obvious need, declining to book a pedicure.

A couple of years ago, some company in Britain came out with Fit-Flops, the shoe that they claim tones your legs and other possibly-affected body parts.  I bought some.  I loved them, wore out a pair, bought a sequinned pair the next summer (of course I own sequinned shoes), and wore them all over the place in France, where flip-flops are anything but de rigeur

Apart from one raincoat I owned in the 60s, Fit-Flops are the only things I can remember buying that both looked good and felt like heaven.  I know, I said that, knowing full well that it's hyperbole.  It's pretty close though.

I've been trying to convince Dave that he should get a pair of the men's version, but he seems to think his legs and other possibly-affected body parts are doing OK.  Since we made a pact in 1974 not to comment on each other's appearance, which by the way, I think was one of the cornerstones of our successful relationship, I'll just let that go.

CBC weather is predicting a high of 13 degrees (55.4 Farenheit), which is about 8 degrees above where I find bare toes acceptable, so today is the day I start the 2011 version of the sandals tradition.   I think it calls for something decadent for breakfast.

Drat, if I'd planned better, I could put on my sandals and walk down to the Market for a croissant and café au lait.


  1. Oh, I gotta find a pair of those. And they come in sparkly too?

  2. Those tootsies would get awfully wet today. At least it's not snow.

  3. For some reason I can't wear flip flops but I do love Clarks' wonderful comfort sandals. I need to be scouting a new pair soon. It isn't sandals weather in Ohio yet!