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Monday, 11 April 2011

Advanced disappointment

I have been a fan of Vanity Fair ever since I first noticed it jammed behind Maxim at Mags n Fags.  I read it cover to cover, always in order, and I ogle all the advertisements.  Being blessed with no allergies, I sniff the scented strips; being somewhat celebrity-celebrating, I always read the Proust Questionnaire twice to make sure I didn't miss anything clever.

Today I brought it home, and I'm scared to open it.  I grabbed it up because I could see that it was a new cover, and because I felt assured that the shot of the semi-nude man wasn't of Charlie Sheen.  Humph, I notice, the cover is Rob Lowe.  Now there's a fine distinction.

Then I notice the various headlines printed across parts of the considerable Rob: PRINCESS DIANA 2.0; ROYAL WEDDING;  BILL GATES TRIED TO SCREW ME; and perhaps the most off-putting:  ROB LOWE CONFESSES....

World, this is Vanity Fair!  I give it hours of my life every month, and sometimes, besides knowing what the really thin, the really buff and the really rich might be wearing and smelling like, I learn stuff.

I'm putting this mag over on the top of the I-might-read-it-tomorrow basket.  I've never done that before, but today,it feels good.


  1. Then, it appears that VF has become a basket case.

  2. I used to love Vanity Fair, haven't read it in years! save them for me. :D