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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day of Pink Yesterday, Rainbow Week all week

Yesterday, I was at the most amazing and moving meeting---it was the Gala for the Day of Pink mounted by Jer's Vision.  I had to get my spring clothes out so I could dress in pink which was a requisite of attendance. I have to confess I paled in comparison to 95% of the crowd.  Paled.  Pink.  Get it?

Such a diverse and pink-wearing crowd, some of whom had taken the idea of pink to every visible part of their bodies, showed up at Tabaret Hall at Ottawa U.  Marta Chavez, a clever and sassy comic was the host, and she had to admit that if it hadn't been for a drag queen in the back of the room, she wouldn't have had that hot pink boa draped over her bosom, which I think she called her bezoom.

Jer's Vision presented awards for outstanding youth-role-models last night to Brian Burke, Stephen Lewis and to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, all of whom have been leaders in the fight against bullying, homophobia and discrimination.  Their stories were inspiring and moving; their awards well-earned.  I learned that Holland beat us to same-sex marriage by declaring it legal ten years ago, and that they have the oldest LGBT organization in the modern world---established in 1946!

I had a great time picking the sequins out of my teeth, dashing the tears out of my eyes  and being delighted with the musical acts, especially the award-winning Canterbury High School Chorale.

I feel so lucky to live in Ottawa where I can take part in such a warm celebration of something that means so much and inspires so many.  And of course, there's the bike paths, the Byward Market and the National Museums and Art Centre.  And Dave.


  1. Were Burke and Lewis actually present?

  2. @AC: Burke was; Lewis by video; both outstanding and left us emotionally wrung out.

  3. I'm just here to let you know that this weblog is being featured on Five Star Friday -