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Monday, 18 April 2011

by the short and curlies

Yesterday I wrote about being conflicted, and told a story about washing dishes, and thinking to myself.

I got a number of replies, all of them advising me to chuck the offending pan.  That surprised me because I thought the crux of the matter was my saying, "if this was my house".

It is my house, it's a house I share with a partner who never makes me feel less than equal.  Why did I say that? 

Having said that, I realize that I feel equal on the grand scale of things, like if I take into account all the areas in which I feel somewhat more equal, and all of those in which I don't.

I am definitely not on the same level with Dave when it comes to putting up with things I find suspect for whatever reason.  Dave is frugal; to say I'm not is just an exercise in understatement.  He really thinks these pans are OK to use (just somewhat suspect in appearance).  I only feel something about them; I haven't done any research, I couldn't justify just turfing them because I don't like the way they look, and I definitely don't have the courage of my conviction around this subject.

Maybe that's why I didn't feel, in that moment, like I had any ownership or power.

However, on the grand scale, and that's where I think it's important, equality reigns.  Just try to feel sorry for Dave if I succumb to some horrible kind of industrial poisoning.


  1. At least he'll know the pans bad ;)

  2. Good partners check and balance each other. So, I guess you're good partners.

  3. We really did make a big to doo out of the pan, didn't we? My husband throws nothing away, but the kitchen is not his usual domain. He can cook, sometimes better than I can.

  4. One does get weary of having to compromise so much of the time. I have a husband who hates it when I move furniture, which I do periodically, and then have to listen to him complain about it. And he doesn't like anything to be thrown away; I just have to do it, and live with the fallout. Sometimes I simply have to act like it IS my house, or I'd hate myself! Better to like myself, even if HE hates me! LOL.