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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Of eggs and bread and squishy bugs

Early on Thursday, I had seen the weekend as quiet, Dave-and-me- centred with a movie-and-dinner combo thrown in.

By mid-day, that had changed, and it wasn't for the worse, it was just for the different.

Had I written a to-do list yesterday, these are some of the things that would have had to be on it:
  • get up early and move all the fragile toddler-unfriendly things to their Robyn-is-coming spots
  • dust and oil if necessary, the sewing machine which has not been used in almost three years, preferably do this last week
  • persuade Dave that this is not a good day to make bread, however delicious it may be
  • have breakfast but wait for Emily to have coffee because she makes better coffee than you, barista-that-she-was
  • look to see if there are any cans of Spaghetti-o hiding somewhere, and failing to find them, spend the rest of the morning worrying about what the grandchildren will eat
  • find the bag with all the colourful bejewelled eggs that the girls worked on two weeks ago
  • persuade Emily that McDonalds is the way to go for lunch
  • remind Robyn that she loves cheeseburgers, and that the best way to enjoy them is not really to tear them up in small pieces and leave them covered in fries on the patio
  • try to stay out of Emily's way while she designs and produces a maggot costume, yes I said maggot costume, for a play that Julia's in
  • take aformentioned eggs, work with Sarah to attach them to ribbons and prepare them to hang outside our apartment door
  • join the family to look on the egged ribbons with pride
  • find something for Emma to do when she gets bored with crafty stuff
  • try not to be envious of the I-pad Sarah has; try especially not to poke Emma when she wants it back
  • get stuff ready to colour Emily's hair; remember to put all the ingredients in before you apply the colour
  • look confident when it turns out anyway
  • persuade Dave not to watch a movie you both thought would be interesting, and persuade yourself you don't need chips while you watch movies
  • remember to do something about that jagged toenail before you go to bed
Looking back on yesterday, I can see that I am one of the most organized post-event people ever.


  1. I like the conclusion but do differ about the "chips not necessary" comment. Actually, I'm being semi good these days, but it may be about time to give in.

  2. I've pretty much stopped buying potato chips (knock wood!) because I can't keep out of them while watching TV in the evenings. Know what I've noticed, while not munching? That I want chips because I.Am.Bored. while watching TV. There are too many commercials ... I think that's the problem ... and I'm just looking for something tasty to keep myself occupied. Eye-opener.

  3. What an interesting list!!! Happy Easter!!!!

  4. What a great list and it's never too late to be all sounds wonderful.
    Happy Easter.....:-)Hugs

  5. No wonder you feel a little catatonic, but memories are made of this, aren't they? A maggot costume? Can you post a photo?

  6. You always pull off a day like this as if it was planned... :)