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Thursday, 28 April 2011


I am usually a pretty robust person---and for that I am grateful, but every once in a while, the gods that keep us tied to reality send me a message.

"Don't be so smug", they warn me while buffeting my system with a bunch of niggly things which would be easily overlooked if they were to arrive singly, or even in bunches of two, but which leave me yelling back, "Yes, yes, I know I'm 69!!"

Well, when I get back to normal, and this spring flu is behind me, I hope I remember to apologize to Dave for getting so much pleasure from the Man cold video.


  1. What a hoot! Thanks for my morning guffaw. Laugh out loud funny that was. Now, where is my cough medicine?

  2. Nice. We're off sick today too if that helps in any way. Maybe we could move in with you and Dave could stroke all of our heads? Hark, the bell tolls.

  3. I'm sorry you aren't feeling tiptop, Lorna. I have a nasty cold too...and I feel wretched. I hope we both feel better very soon.

  4. I'm getting over a nasty cold, had it for more than a week now. My friend insisted I drink a hot toddy the other night before bed. I resisted, afraid to knock back two ounces of rye whiskey (we have no rum) in a hurry. Did it though, and doncha know I really have been feeling better since the following morning? I wonder if it would work for your flu. Keep well ... get better.

  5. Now that's a photo of an extremely confident lady who is under the weather. I choose to think you look like you did at your daughter's wedding. Hope you are feeling better.