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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A running leap back

How did it get to be Tuesday?

I remember being busy on Friday, going shopping on Saturday, cooking for the family on Sunday (with a great deal of help by the way), and while I don't remember much, I know that Sunday night to Tuesday morning was a stretch of that body and mind hurts flu.

The fact that no type of activity other than those mentioned enters my brain is starting to worry me.  Either I'm partly catatonic, or I'm not doing anything memorable, and perhaps both.

I remember having that problem when I was in my early teens, but as soon as I started earning enough money to buy lipstick and shoes, my fate was sealed.

The only cure I can imagine is to become a redonculous purchaser again.  Not only did that keep me busy hiding things, feeling guilty about the bad example I was being to my children, re-inventing with great creativity my make-up bag and my closet, it resulted in fine memories of days spent at Chapters, hours spent reading at bars and moments of my face looks perfect.

It won't be easy regaining my purchasing power.  I think I'll require money, but I've managed before.

Dear World,
This is Dave, please do not enable this behaviour.  Thank you.


  1. I guess the nasties have invaded the valley. Sigh. Fortunately, you have a cure at hand.

  2. Poor Dave, quite possibly; literately ;)

  3. As an enabler shopping is always good

  4. I see Dave got his two cents to the world in on your post. What does redonculous mean? I'm too lazy to look it up, or is it a Lorna word? You are tired out because you got overstimulated--you just need to rest up, and then you can go to Costco and get a new pan or two. (I'm using this really weird old pans--one belonged to my former MIL who has been dead since 1973. By the way, I'm older than you, but you do have a crash after as much activity as you've had if you are of a "certain age."