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Monday, 23 May 2011

It kind of snuck up on us

Last night Dave and I had dinner with Sarah, Bruce, Julia and Emma.  It's always a delight, but there was something special about it that has stuck with me.

After dinner, the girls brought out some of their books that they wanted to give to Robyn, who, like them, has been a book girl from the time she could see.  We looked through them, and I was pleased to see the warmth the girls still had for the books, and I could imagine how much Robyn was going to enjoy them.

This one in particular made my heart do a funny little jump and twang, as I remembered all the times we'd gone through it, popping the bath bubbles, opening the storybook Poppy Cat was reading to her teddy bear, taking in our breath at the beauty of the silver stars and stroking the satiny blanket on Poppy Cat's bed.

What made it especially wonderful was glancing at Bruce and knowing he was taking the same emotional walk that I was.  We looked at each other and said something unoriginal like, "Oh, they grow up so fast...", but it was a truly heart-warming moment that I'll cherish forever.


  1. You know what makes me feel a little sad reading your story?

    With how quickly digital readers are growing (Digital sales at Amazon, out sold Paper last month), lots of kids are never going to know what a paper book is like. There's just something different, more intimate about reading the old way. Plus you never have to worry if the battery is charged, just a place with enough light ;)

  2. Gotta love memories like that -- they are to be polished an stored like your best crystal.

  3. Kay, you're making an assumption that I have any crystal,other than some formed into the likeness of a cat. But the analogy works.

  4. It was just an analogy. However, one of the first things I bought myself after I left my husband, was a pair pair of nice wine glasses to remind myself that I was human. I still have them.

  5. Aw, Lorna. I have that same feeling about Curious George (my kids) and Pat the Bunny, my grandkids era. Nice post.

  6. Great post, my friend.
    It's always a pleasure to stop in for a visit. :)