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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Things Lorna learned today

  • You can't have 3 cups of coffee before 9 o'clock, just because you got up at 4:30
  • The man next door to me is not capable of smiling; I know this because he didn't smile when I tried to open his door with my key and mistakenly said "sorry sweetheart"
  • I would look smashing in my newish blue linen jacket if it didn't match the bruises under my eyes
  • You can't zip through downtown in your car if every city in Canada has sent teen-aged representatives on skateboards to the Tulip Festival
  • For some reason you can't buy tulips in Ottawa Loblaws stores during the Tulip Festival
  • There is however, access to all kinds of chocolatey things there
  • My doctor's earrings are so distracting that I almost missed his telling me I've improved since last week
  • When you've had steamed chicken sandwiches for dinner for 3 days in a row, it's still possible to crave another if you've  got one more  avocado
  • You can't work silently at a keyboard if you're wearing 18 silver bracelets; some of us can't do anything unless we are
  • It's impossible to put together a Power Point presentation if you've only got Open Office; it shouldn't take 53 minutes to figure this out
  • Intense creativity is not available to people fogged by a fluish cold


  1. more than i did, cept yr. hair Can be Too straight - discovered after spending $235 to get it that way. :)

  2. I've actually gone thru the wrong door. I can't remember if she smiled. I was a bit distracted with trying to leash the dog back up and getting the heck outta there.

  3. Lorna you are brave, I wouldn't dare list what I learned today, you would think I was

  4. I could create a list like that. However at the top would be it took me 60 years to discover permanents are not made for my hair. Of course I did not know I had native American hair until I found my biological family. My hairdresser mildly cursed when I told her. we spent fortunes on perm solutions with multiple conditions and supposed gentle or harsh instructions, with and without heat.

  5. Note to self after speed-walking from the Museum of Civilization to Mackenzie King Bridge, hoping a bus to Billings and speed-walking home from there:

    *Hiking boots are not meant for speed walking
    *Carrying an over-stuffed pleather handbag over your shoulder and hooking a full sized umbrella over your arm is quite awkward! (backpack and mini-umbrella next time!)
    *Work clothes should be only worn in the office - you need work-OUT clothes for this - especially if you don't want to be "that sweaty, smelly lady" on the bus

    At least I have the ability to stare down anyone in my way, especilly those teenagers on skateboards, idiotic business-people focused on their smartphones (once they finally glance up and realize I'm going to body-check them off the sidewalk)and silly girls who think it's okay to walk in groups of 5 shoulder to shoulder :)

  6. I sure wish I had your sense of humor about daily life. I just love how you periodically describe yours. I'm grinning from ear to ear.