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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My Inner Critic Leaps Forward

I don't necessarily watch TV because I know something is good.  Sometimes I watch because I like the actors, or I read something about a show, and sometimes I watch because reading doesn't seem like an exciting option or because Dave is enjoying something I've never seen before.

So believe me when I say that my reaction to the cancellation of TV shows has nothing to do with their quality.

Years ago, Firefly got cancelled.  My distress had to do with so many things: favourite actors, genuine belief in the premise, stories full of irony and humour and drama, cleverness of development, great characters, sci-finess in general.  I felt the same way when Dollhouse was cancelled.  How shortsighted and risk-avoiding, I thought to myself.

Now, I hear that Two and a Half Men is getting new blood!! Really.

Cancelled are V and The Event, both rousing stories if nothing else, and there was more.  The Chicago Code is going, Detroit 187 is going,  both built around strong characters with stories worth staying up  for, worth PVRing.  There are more cancellations and more shoring-ups that annoy me but the futility of caring is making me apathetic.

Is this an age thing?  A marketing thing? Why does it seem like so few people support shows that stretch your imagination, that leave you with issues of conscience to grapple with, that twang the edges of conformity?

Damn, I know this is piffle and I don't have the answers, but today, I have the resentment. Apathetically.


  1. I am so out of it. I haven't watched any of the shows that you listed.

  2. I don't even have cable. I'm happy with my Netflix.

  3. Remember when we meet up and I told you I don't watch TV anymore. Looks like it took you a bit longer, but I see you've come around to my side.

    To answer your question though. Formulaic crap like 2 and a half men & reality shows are cheaper to make. While quality programming usual involves time and money!! Something most networks aren't willing to invest in :(

    Then they wonder why no ones watching ;)

  4. I'm afraid I watch very little TV, Lorna. But I can tell you that even the news is not as good as it once was. :))

  5. And it does seem like television programmers think the general viewing public is stupid and just wants to consume repetitive, ad-ridden baby food.

  6. OMG they cancelled The Event?!! At least there's a new Pirates movie coming out Friday - our favourite Johny in an oddly sexy pirate costume :)