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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Nothing here about TV

Or about Firefly, one of the best series ever.

Today I will tell you about how I ended up paying $32 for lunch yestserday, when I had lunch and a fine box of wine waiting at home 6 minutes away.

I do some volunteer work which is very rewarding to me in many ways.  Yesterday, however, that volunteer work was my downfall.

I have been totally whacked by something which I hope is a cold or flu, to the extent that I'm not comfortable driving my car, which we're not doing much of anyway because we're trying to live green.

I would have taken my car though because I had pamphlets and posters to carry to the post office.  I stuffed them in a capacious bag and headed off on foot for the post office.  It's an easy walk from my place---10 minutes at the most, and one that I like to take because occasionally I can see my daughter Sarah who works in the building across the street.  Since she works for a government agency, and they're underfunded, she can't always get away, but from time to time, it works.  I love to see her in a place where she's not mother/wife/sister.

By the time I got to this nearby place, I was actually reeling.  I felt like I was carrying 100 lbs of paper and walking with weighted boots.

I got my post office business over with and made my shaky way to the restaurant in Sarah's building, where I had decided to spend the next couple of days recovering.  After all, I had my e-reader.

Shock #1:  the bartender and waitstaff who know me and start pouring the Pinot Grigio as I come in the door had been replaced by people I didn't know who offered me a menu.  Usually, my friend just brings me the artichoke dip and a bunch of buns right after I'm settled.

Shock # 2:  All the seats at the bar were occupied (maybe it was a government payday or some holiday I'd never heard of) and I had to sit in a booth.  How does a restaurant that's nearly full, end up having no bar seats and several large booths available at lunch?

Shock #3:  The strange wait person expected me to order and there was no Pinot Grigio on the by-the-glass menu.  I was whacked and confused.  So I ordered something that was both completely unknown to me and the most expensive red on that menu.  Then, because I had a lunch menu, I didn't think they were serving "starters" and I had to order a burger (red wine?).  I didn't want fries and asked about the broiled vegetable side, only to find that they were served with garlic butter,  which is anathema.  Fading fast, I ordered a baked potato, which he told me would be extra.  By now, I just wanted to sleep until my food came or I could find some hidden energy that would allow me to rise up from the booth and choke him silly.  I took the baked potato, struggled to get my e-reader out of my bag and lost myself in Alice in Wonderland, the first choice on the home page.

By now I was just clear-headed enough to remember that this was the building where Sarah worked, so I called her to see if she could come down and join me for lunch.  Sarah, who as I suspected was busy, is a very intuitive person, and told me that she'd walk me home or come down right away.  Maybe it was the way I said Sharah.

I am really good at pretending to be other than I am, so I said I was already over my momentary weakness and was just going to have my lunch.  "You call me if you need me..." says Sarah.  "Ha! ha!" I say duplicitously.

Actually by the time I'd had the wine and some food, I was indeed over it, and after paying for my lunch, swept out of that place with panache.

I walked to the next bus stop and took OC Transpo the 3 stops to my corner.

I'll be at the doctor tomorrow.  He's free.  Everything evens out.


  1. Cuppa is napping right now after a very long sleep last night. This cold thing is nuts -- which seems to be the case for that restaurant too.

  2. Ah! Too bad you weren't close to my work, or at least the Sheraton where everyone knows your name!!

  3. Better days ahead! As well as friendly waiters that know what you like. Break them in!! :)
    Feel better soon, my friend.

  4. In a strange way, maybe ALICE IN WONDERLAND, was an appropriate read on this dizzying of days.

    Glad you made it home and keep your appointment with the doc.

  5. Just heard Sarah is coming here soon. June tenth or thereabouts. Looking forward to it. Hope you are feeling better soon if not already, I am toothless or next to it until June 8.

  6. There you are--in spite of feeling poorly, you pulled off the humor, but I can tell you were shaky if you took the bus for three stops. Good on Sarah.