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Friday, 17 June 2011

Of love and loss (stationery version)

I have always been a Sharpie fan.  From the time every band had them so they could write on your forearm or on the record label, I have thought Sharpies were wonderful little tools of communication.

If you were to come into an art supplies store, or a stationery shop, with me, you'd see how I gravitate to the Sharpie corner---I crave the ones in the 10-to-a-package format, the coloured ones, the glitter ones, the baby ones and I seldom leave without at least one new Sharpie.

So how can it be that I, who have an office space 24 inches wide, 12 inches deep and 2 1/2 ft tall, who have organized the bejeezus out of that meagre "desk", can never find a Sharpie when I need one?  I have a little black tray, the perfect size for all manner of pens, letter openers, highlighters, pretty rocks and strangely, a red rubber clown nose.  But can I find a permanent or a washable Sharpie, a black or a fluorescent Sharpie, or a Sharpie of any kind when I need one?

Actually, I'm not sure that anyone ever needs a Sharpie, but there are many times when one would be the perfect answer to a note-writing, list-making, rule-giving dilemma.

So, friends and family, it's Sharpie Amnesty Weekend.  You know where to put them.


  1. LOL I am a 'pen' freak, too! I discovered after my stroke over 30 years ago when I had no choice but to learn to be right-handed, that plain old ballpoints were difficult for me and that Sharpies and the gel-type pens were easier for me so I own a plethora of them in all shapes and colors.

  2. You're not too Sharp-ie are ya?

  3. My husband steals my Sharpie collection on a regular basis. I intend to by a huge collection and give them all to him at Christmas so he will leave mine alone.

    I really don't mind sharing. But they never find their way home and when he asked he has no idea what he did with them.. I BET....

  4. i will look for a sharpie necklace for you

  5. I can never find (even though I have many and sort of hoard them) those pliable artist's erasers.....same for emery boards...dunno how that works