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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

We're hoping for an architect in the family

Guess what this is?
It's a sign for the bar in the fort that Julia built on Sunday morning after the sleepover.

Julia has a way of seeing things that is quite different from mere mortals, and she uses the things we see to make the atmosphere she wants.

At first, the fort was predictable:  afghans and chairs, and a space in the back for reading.  Then she chose to design a forested beach, running alongside the fort:
The discovery of a wine bottle given me by friends who know my affinity for cats led to the decision to have a bar.  and a bar of course, suggested a restaurant, with outside tables:
This accounts for the above admonition to respect sobriety.  I'm pretty sure it has no connection to Julia's experiences at our house.

There were no admonitions to avoid gluttony though, and here we see Julia at the Fort Restaurant and Bar.  Dave made the blueberry pancake breakfast.
That girl has an imagination, and more determination than we know what to do with


  1. I knew that you had a cat, but I didn't know you were cat person. I am also cat-less but consider myself a cat person.

  2. What a fabulous post, Lorna! She is adorable and has a wonderful imagination!! May no one ever stifle it!

  3. Lorna, I love this post. She does have an amazing imagination and here's hoping, when she's a grown-up, she parlays it into a career. She is so pretty, too. All kids, including me, love forts. My girlfriends and I built one up the mountain when I was a kid. It was so magical to go there.