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Monday, 25 July 2011

How did July 25th get to be Fun Day?

Well, actually, it wasn't easy.

  • The day started out with rain, and my first part in it started out with fighting traffic taking a friend to have some bloodwork done
  • the rain would have been easy to take if I hadn't worn my grey tunic---it has a fashionable longish curved hem which left about 12 inches of fine cotton hanging out the driver's door
  • apparently lots of people in Ottawa think that having fabric hanging out your car door warrants lots of horn-pounding and vigorous pointing; I took this badly thinking it reflected on my driving which may have been affected by my early coffeeless start
  • a number of factors contributed to my getting home caffeine-deprived and late; but not late enough to miss Dave's discovery of a glitch in our air conditioner resulting in my shoes floating in the plastic box we store underneath the air conditioner, cleverly hidden by a door we never open
  • still cravenly craving caffeine, I ignored my twelve inches of sodden fabric and helped Dave bail out our shoes, only to discover that shoes can both float and be full of water; it would have been better to discover this before I turned them over to dry out
  • caffeine ingested, tunic dispensed with, I started the fun part of the day by taking my niece to the Byward Market (SO COOL!), having a nap, going to the 65th birthday party of a friend I introduced to his wife 45 or so years ago, scarfing camouflage cupcakes made specifically to please an ex-military guy and flaunting my 5 foot 7 (6 feet in her 5 inch heels) granddaughter Phoebe.
No, I did not get any pictures!


  1. Another rib-tickling post, but what is it with you and cameras?

  2. Of course one could ask us the same question in a vice versa sort of way.

    (Why after 64 years do I always have to look it up to determine that it's not "visa versa"?)

  3. Phoebe is 5' 7"?! Really?! When did that happen? My goodness!