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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Outsmarted, but not Outwaited

I've mentioned from time to time that in spite of owning a camera, I seldom remember to actually use it.  A couple of days ago, Robyn was tearing around the house wearing a very massive and intricate hairband with mini-dolls and flowers on it---she tore it off the minute I turned the camera on and well before I aimed; then she teased me by being way too adorable, grabbing a small kaleidoscope we've left out for her to experiment with and putting it smack in the middle of her forehead, while making appreciative noises and turning the part that changes the patterns.  Again, she triumphed and I have 6 or so photos of the back of her head, and one of the eyepiece on the kaleidoscope.

Today, I got Robyn to wear a ponytail, and felt so good about it that I followed her around outside until she forgot about me and I got this result:
Then, out of compassion, she let me take this one:
It's not Edward S Curtis, but I'm kind of partial to them.


  1. Why would you not be patial to them? I can't decide between the pony tail and the adorable matching outfit.

  2. omg too cute!! and i see the resemblance!!

  3. I get many "back of the head" shots too. The one or two that do eventually turn out are worth the effort it took to snap the other 99 that go to the trash bin.
    Robyn is a sweetie indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Robyn's so cute! I wonder if she'll always avoid the camera...or if it's just a phase.