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Friday, 8 July 2011

In which I take it all back

When I was moaning the other day about the work being done outside our place, I was giving in to a temporary annoyance because I wanted all the dust gone from the house while my sister Mary is with us this weekend.

What I didn't say was how pleased we are that we're going to be living right next to the National Fallen Firefighters' Memorial Park.  We are surrounded by greenspace and water, and the park is going to just add to the pleasure we take in our surroundings.

Having said that, here are some views:

this is a view from our patio; isn't it hard to imagine that we live downtown?

Here is our patio.  It's a lovely place to have coffee or lunch or to read a book, or play with the kids.

This is the view if you stand on the patio and look left.  That's the prow of the Canadian War Museum in the background.

And this, this is the construction office, at which I could, but don't, throw stones.

When the park is finished, in 2012, it will look like this.  Our building will be on the right of the photo, and I imagine I will often walk over there with my coffee in the morning.  The spring and summer mornings.  In the interim, I am going to enjoy our other views and stop kvetching.


  1. On cool nights you could pitch your tent over there.

  2. It's going to be beautiful! Ava told me the other day, "Grandma, you need to buy a backyard." She also says I need a puppy.

  3. Wow!!! I really like your environs -- the inconvenience will be worth it!

  4. It is worth the inconvenience for the beautiful view and even more importance the meaning and tribute involved.

    But then I understand dust, as I am allergic (really) to it.

  5. i can picture u on yr. patio drinking coffee or wine - wish i was there. :D funny i always thought your place was high up not ground level.

  6. I'm leaving a comment this time because now I can see where all the damage happened. So glad everything and everyone is OK. For some reason I thought you were in a high rise, but if so, you must have a ground floor unit. I spend hours in my own patio.