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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

She looked really nice though

My sister Mary stayed with us for a few days, in which we walked, shopped, listened, laughed, ate outrageously, learned and did everything we wanted except take pictures.

How can that be?  This is the first time in about 6 years that Mary has been here, and who knows when she'll be back but did we think about the many Kodak moments we actually had?

Neither did any of the other people who passed through our lives over that time though, so I'm plunking myself smack in the middle of those guys who should have known better too.

I think one of my favourite we-should-have-pictures moments was when Emily was putting teal blue eyeliner on Mary, and I was standing beside them with my eyes stretched out and a just-right tilt to my face even though no one was working on me.  Another would have been just after Julia and Emma had had two kinds of amazing cake left over from our dinner on Saturday---they both looked as if they needed cables to keep them from zipping right through the ceiling.

We could have taken photos of Mary and me walking through Perth with about 6 bags and a 5 ft garden ornament, or Mary and me walking through the Rideau Centre with a ferociously unfriendly umbrella or Dave waiting for us with a plate of golden fries and a lemonade.  It would have been wunderbar to shoot Mary and Dave both scooting towards the bathroom for a shower, then each backing off, so I could have sailed in.  I didn't but that would have made an even better photo.

Nonetheless, pictures or not, we had a great couple of days and as always, I'm sitting here thinking of things we should have done, said or eaten, but didn't.


  1. And I would so love to have seen a photo of you with your sister Mary! I hope she'll come back sooner than you think.

  2. You need to import a Cuppa for such occasions. She never forges.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time!!! Cherish it!

  4. Oh Lorna, I am the worst for remembering to take pictures. Maybe its because we are too busy living our lives to stop and record it. Yup thats my story and I'm sticking to it.


  5. Aw, there were multiple photo opps but no camera. On the other hand, because you described each event so well, I certainly have pictures in my head of what it might have looked like. I'm glad your visit went well.

  6. wow sounds like you did it all, such fun!! again, wish i was there! :D

  7. Heres's something for your technology bucket list: a bio-mechanical camera that implants in your forehad and takes a picture whenever you pull on your right earlobe, or left if you are a lefty! Maybe you should ask Steve Jobs. He could call it the I-Cam!

    Pokemon the Persistent