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Monday, 8 August 2011

And don't call me Shirley

I've been re-re-re-reading Anne of Green Gables---it came free with my e-reader, and I started remembering how much I identified with Anne Shirley when I was a kid.  I was always looking for scope for imagination, and I had galloping conversations about how I was affected by things around me.  Unlike Anne Shirley, I kept them to myself.  At least, that's my memory of it.

Last week, I was having lunch with some blogging friends and was telling them about the country school I was teaching in when I was 17.  "Ah," they said to each other, "just like Aunt Shirley."  I was surprised because my Aunt Shirley was a country school teacher too and I didn't know how they knew that.  I only realized as I started to write this that they were saying Anne Shirley.  I just kept babbling though, as I have been able to break through my early shyness and can keep up with any Shirley when it comes to stream-of-consciousness stuff.

These photos were taken after lunch, during some Masterlevel shopping in the Byward Market (AC was the photographer; Cuppa the co-conspirator):

Lorna and Cuppa shelter under Lorna's parasol

cuppa and lorna haggle over beads- we were in over our heads

Cuppa twirls her own parasol   

All in all, we had a most glorious afternoon, and I was inspired to read Anne of Green Gables again, even though I only just now got the connection.  The mind is a mysterious thing.


  1. We have some parallel photos today. Thanks for the early morning laugh, but I'm sorry that we bunged up your knee.

  2. That is so funny. I wondered why you looked rather baffled when we mentioned Anne Shirley. Perhaps we should have said "Anne with an E" or "Cordelia".

  3. I'm glad I get criss-crossed in my conversations some times too. I should listen more carefully. the heat is still on here including my head.

    I fear for children who start school this week. some rural schools are not as well mainstained nor air conditioned. We did get two rainshowers, welcomed and thankful, but not drought breaking.

  4. So glad you all had this fun time, love the parasals, they are back in fashion now and look so cute. I was at a wedding where the bride as well as her bridesmaid's had them (their initials on each one) .......:-)Hugs

  5. Thanks for the chuckle. :) I'm thinking I need to reread Anne of Green Gables soon.