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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Should I just get over myself?

Ottawa is having a huge hoedown in my neighbourhood.  I'm country-music tolerant bordering on enthusiastic, although I guess the Dixie Chicks don't do hoedowns in Canada, however I do take issue with the fact that the hoedown folks are parking their cars on the grass that belongs to our building, squeezing their SUVs into our fire lane and leaving beer accoutrements behind when they've finished parking.

The Bluesfest folks did none of the above, although their music has been louder since Bluesfest morphed into a 4-stage rock and roll fest. 

I actually like the idea of having concerts and theatre in my neighbourhood; it's one of the reasons we chose to live so close to downtown.  I could never understand the people who move into a neighbourhood where there's a fairground and complain that the fair is noisy and brings people onto their street.  Come on!

But I don't think people should have their grass destroyed, or their safety endangered, or their environs littered with beer bottles.  That just don't seem neighbourly.


  1. That is definitely irksome worthy. I am irked for you way over here actually.

  2. Urggh! I can't believe people think it's ok to do any of that!! That's it, I'm coming over to personally take care of the situation! ;)

  3. 'Slobs' is the operative word and I understand your frustration.

  4. Oh sweetie I know how you feel but as long as there have been outside concerts there has been these same problems, it has never changed. So frustrating I'm sure.....:-)Hugs

  5. I've often tried to GET why humans can be so thoughtless...and no one has ever explained it so that I understand.

  6. When younger I used to go to photo workshops which usually included a forage into the countryside. We had permission at the stops we made, but we were strictly informed to pick up all film canisters, paper wrap, etc. Obviously it was before the days of digital. Still, an invitation to use others' property is a privilege, not a given.