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Sunday, 14 August 2011

How Julia Lived up to her Genes

Julia slept over with us last night, and it was a morning of fort-building; but an afternoon of trolling the Byward Market.  We looked at everything, touched most of it and she made very careful decisions about what she was going to buy.  The first thing she bought was a bracelet for Emma; it was made of wire shaped in the form of EMMA, and cost her more than a quarter of what she had to spend.  I was pretty touched by that, and  inclined to make her money go a little further than it might normally.

When she got home, besides her gift for Emma, she had bought:
  • a tiny glass cat (or a bear; none of us could really tell)
  • 6 gladiolas for her mother
  • a pair of orangey dangly earrings that scrape her shoulder (well, she had to buy something to show she was thinking of her dad, however distressed he was going to be about 4 inches of gorgeous shells)
  • an orange ring
  • and some beautiful, yellow, white and orange beads which she turned into a lovely necklace at Sassy Bead.
I know how to help them grow up into lovely, caring, sparkly girls who can charm their dads on occasion.


  1. What fun!!!! What a lovely girl Julia is!!!!

  2. Julia is getting in the spirit any young girl loves and grows up with almost gene inspired shoppining.

  3. And could I ever expect you to title such a post: "How Julia lived up to her gene-gles"? No, not on your life. So I have to stoop to reveal myself as a lover of the lowbrow pun, a purveyor of punishment, a peddlar of punditry . . . someone please tell me when to stop!

    Your other, clearly lesser, fraction