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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ben....merde alors

Well, last night I dreamt in French.  That doesn't happen to me often, and even less now that I'm not working in the Public Service, so it was a memorable event.  Sort of.

It was a really banal dream; just a usual format : me trying really hard to do something that is usually easy.  Last night it was buying a slip.  Yes, apparently I wanted one of those outdated (except in Victoria's Secret catalogues) items of lingerie.
Yes, this is VS today

But this is the slip that I wanted:
downloaded from Dollhouse Bette's

and I had forgotten the word in french for "lace".  You can see how that would complicate things for me.

Taking a page from Dave's Easy French Conversations, I said in French:  I am looking for something to wear under my clothes and it has to have very fine work done by artisans at the top and bottom.  And I prefer to have the top part and the bottom part the same colour as the middle.

All I got in return was staring of the verging-on-giggling kind.

I went everywhere, including Canadian Tire for some reason, but since I couldn't call up "dentelle" from the french-speaking part of my brain and my listeners couldn't get a picture of what I wanted from what I said, I just couldn't fine one.

When I woke up this morning, I was shouting "dentelle!  dentelle!"   Dave thought I was saying "Don't tell, don't tell" as we don't usually speak in french to each other in the morning.  I decided to leave it like that.


  1. The second one looks better ;)

    Sadly women from my generation don't really wear those anymore. It's too bad, kind of sexy!!

    I think I was born a generation or two, too late. Would explain why I don't really fit into my time frame?

    Sidenote - Interesting and kind of fitting what Dave thought you were saying :D

  2. Very impressive -- you managed to make the telling of a dreasm interesting. No mean feat that.

  3. And I hope I immediately promised not to tell (Were we doing this in our still asleep phase of waking up?). And even if I'd heard you correctly and knew you were speaking French I would have thought of something other than lace: like perhaps you had just dreamed up a great new brand name for dental floss, or that you had some wrapped around your toes and needed help to remove it.
    Love, your other fraction