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Thursday, 22 September 2011

If it's Thursday, this must be banal

Lately, I catch myself not wanting to do anything.  Or to put it more positively, I want to do nothing.

I don't want to keep the house clean (I do want it to be clean); I don't want to cook ( I do seem to want to eat, but lately I'd prefer it to be elsewhere); I don't want to read (I'm discovering that for the most part all of my books are like all of my other books); I  don't want to see people (but I'd probably be distressed if no one wanted to see me); I don't want to choose music (but I can stand it if someone else does); I don't want to watch TV (that's what happens when a series with Jonathan Rhys-Myers in it is over); I don't want to write (but I seem to want to share)

I also don't want to self-video myself being whiney even though I'm sorely tempted. 


  1. Ennui by the Rideau Banal (I'm trying).

  2. This is unacceptable!!!

    We have a dynamic, I'm slightly depressed and lost. Your happy and carefree :)

    You just can't change the rules of the game, in the middle!!

    So go take a nice long bath, have some wine; watch a movie or read a book that makes you laugh.

    And most importantly; stop being so EMO ;)

    P.S. If that doesn't work. Come back to T.O. and we'll drink waaaaay too much coffee, be noisy in the book store and if your nice; I'll be brave & let you drag me back into H&M. We'll visit the so called Men's section you claim they have!!

  3. I don't think a desire to do nothing has anything to do with being whiney. We are far too busy, as a rule, and our spirits are dying for a little down time. I'm sure if you just "go with it" and enjoy this lack of motivation, you will find inspiration.

    (Brainie from Stubblejumpers Cafe)

  4. I agree with Brainie, though your description of yourself sounds like you are a touch depressed. In a natural way, if you ask me, and probably nothing to worry about if you aren't too hard on yourself over it.