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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Homer and Lorna have DEEP thoughts

I always thought that when I grew up, I would be someone like Albert Schweitzer, or a fighter pilot; I dreamt that I was Tarzan, and was always saving someone from horrible things that happened in the jungle right next to Calgary, where I grew up.

I had no intention of being anything traditional, unless I could be in charge---like Head Librarian or Museum Curator.  Or maybe assistant to Madame Curie.

When I did grow up, I was pretty ordinary: teacher, government employee, wife, mother, drug store minion, telephone service representative and did I mention government employee?  But I still had within me that urge to be non-conventional.  I still dream that I'm Tarzan, or some woman in uniform who's miraculously in the right place at the right time, with the right eighteen-wheeler driving over the desert, the mountains, the ice, whatever, to deliver people who are being oppressed to other brave women in uniform.

It used to sadden me that I hadn't achieved something BIG, something unusual, something that would make other people want my autograph.  Probably some part of me still thinks that could happen.

Now what saddens me is that I didn't take even more joy than I did in the life I've had.

When do we get it right?


  1. I hear ya! but u did u just don't know it. x

  2. Let me see: parasol, shoes, bling, champion of gay rights? Pretty unconventional if you ask me. Which you didn't. But anyway ...

  3. I think you're doing just fine!!!!

  4. Imagine if you had saved that Bell employee stock or if Gary had become a successful cartoonist, or you had never been to Germany, you would have missed out on sooo much.
    Funny, I never thought about you growing up here. Thing is all in all you got to admit you are doing okay. Thanks to Dave and the Ottawa clan, but mostly thanks to you, your life is good. You should be proud of yourself, I am. Of you I mean. Though I am a little proud of me.

  5. Your vacation was a dream. And while you could enjoy it. We are taking one so late we have to worry about medicines, heart, altitude, oxygen....

    Life is never perfect, but I think you have done a good job at everything and have a loving family.

  6. Whatever in the heck right is. I do know that I feel like you do in so many ways, but I'm pretty traditional to the core, I'm afraid. I'm so glad in hind sight that I didn't do something that made me high profile. I'm too "fragile" to handle being any kind of celebrity.