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Monday, 29 August 2011

Anniversary, schmanniversary

This morning, even before I made coffee, I realized I had missed another anniversary.  Not our wedding.  I missed that August 4th.

The anniversary I missed was my 7th year of blogging.  I love blogging---occasionally I sit here, inspirationless, and think I'm done, but then I'm walking along the street and a blogworthy thing happens, and I'm back on track.

Blogging is like being the madame of a really pleasant place that's not a brothel.  It's a place where people bring their own beverage, choose their own schedule and (I hope) leave with a smile.

Usually, on or around August 20th, I repost my starter-blog on the lost, broken, begrieved (there is so such a word) Lornainwonderlanddotnet.

Why should I break with tradition?

Starting a blog is pretty scary—if you start a blog in the ether and nobody reads it, is it there?  As the non-funny person in my family, I’m always self-conscious writing about my life, worried that I’m just too sincere for myself, and in this case, that the comments will be more interesting than the musings.   Still, it’s only a brave new world if you take chances.  Lots of people I know are doing just that, taking chances—leaving their jobs, starting families, buying new techie toys, changing haircolours.  I’ve done all those things over the course of my life—usually without realising that I was taking a chance until I was committed.  Of course the haircolour one isn’t much of a commitment either way, and probably the one I’ll keep practicing till my dotage.    

Speaking of dotage, a friend sent me a picture of her brand-new granddaughter with her wrinkled little new-baby feet prominently displayed. I realized that I have the perfect match for those feet, and it’s taken me 60 or so years to get them.  I’d never thought of them as symbols of the circle of life before, and I’m going to try to block that image from my consciousness right now. I’d advise you to do the same.   Blogging isn’t half as hard as working.   I think I’ll stick with it for a while. 


  1. Happy Blogoversary, Lorna!!!! Long may you rave!!!!!


  2. Congratulations. We started close to the same time then. I was a few months earlier in the spring. You are without doubt the wittiest blogger on my block ... and perhaps all blocks in blogdom.

  3. Happy Anniversary Lorna. So glad you decided to Blog. I truly enjoy reading it, and it makes me miss you not quite so much when we get so busy with our lives and don't seem to have as much time to touch base. xxx


  4. Dear Anonymous Sue, I'm so glad you decided to read said blog. By the way, just so we can keep our familial heads up, I noticed that yesterday my shirt went down past my hips, so the dreaded exposure actually didn't happen. Whew! I'd hate to be caught in a compromising position. Well, that one, anyway. Love, XX

  5. Happy anniversary my longest blogging friend! My anniversary is October and I'll probably forget it, too.

    Have we actually been blogging for 7 years?! I'm down to approximately one post a month from blogging practically daily in the beginning.

    However, a lot of the silly stuff I used to put on my blog, I now leave to Facebook. So, I guess it's (hopefully) quality over quantity.

  6. Thanks for reposting that first one; I love those first entries!

  7. Happy Bloggerversary. I missed my 3rd year in March. I did not think anyone was interested in my blow by blow account of a-Fib out of control. Thankfully right now it is fairly well controlled.Days go by and I have nothing I perceive significant and other days ideas come fast. I try to write several down for later.

    Some times I write three in a row and then nothing in a row. That's blogging.

  8. Ha! I'm always forgetting dates. You have been blogging SEVEN years? Amazing, Lorna!

  9. Seven glorious years for all of us, your followers. Congratulations!

  10. :D smiling madame. thanks!