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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Never a mohawk

It seems like once a decade, I buy myself a haircut that makes me look in the mirror and say, "who are you?", and I've started this decade relatively early.

It's not a bad haircut.  It actually flatters me if you see all 5 ft of me at once.  My last hairstyle was really a nice one; it worked well with my hair, but overwhelmed my face.  It was all about the hair.  Given the choice, I think I'd still choose this one, but now I don't know who I am.

I sort of look like someone who idolized Jane Fonda in the 90s, or maybe someone who  had an incident with her lint-shaver.  Wait, actually, and seriously, I think I look like someone who might be talked into wearing   long sparkly earrings in the daytime or who has some age-inappropriate shoes in her closet, someone who wanted all her life to be a writer but only made it to storyteller.  I could have written "Tangled" if I hadn't been relatively calm and happy that year.  

I wish I'd kept a collection of photos of those change-me-please haircuts, some of which I paid for, some I did myself and at least one I cried over, but I'll bet there's a pattern there that charts me in some way, like "Oh, feeling good about yourself?  Get your hair cut by someone you've never met."  or  "Feeling sorry for being so bitchy with your daughter?  Buy a home perm."

If I were really a writer, I should be able to make a book out of that. Chick-lit.


  1. I love this post!! :)
    I don't think my mother EVER liked the haircuts she got!
    It seemed that, more often than not, she'd go back to have it 'fixed'.
    The hairdressers probably wanted to run and hide when they saw her coming! :)
    It's scary putting your hair in the hands of others.

  2. I would buy that book for sure.

    What a struggle it is to find the perfect accessory to top of every outfit and make a statement no matter what we pair it with. I have had my share of "what was I thinking" moments when I looked at my hair the day after a trip to the beauty salon. Groan!

    I now have a hairdresser who sternly tells me that my hair will tell him how to cut it, and he won't give me this cut or that cut. So far, he listens to my hair better than I have over the years. I think I'll keep him!

  3. I'd have to see this one more, but I thought your previous one was really really nice.

  4. oh i had one of those moments last nite after a couple of glasses of wine and picked up the scissors- not a good thing to do. time to make an appt.