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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Technology: 420, Lorna: 1

One of my blogging friends, Lyndon, posts music every day.  I like his choices usually, and when I don't, he just blinks and accepts my disparaging comments, unless they're uber-disparaging.   We have never come to blows though.

There have been several really good outcomes from reading Lyndon.  I've bought music that I didn't know about, I've had coffee and delightful schmoozing at Chapters in Toronto with him and because I often want to listen to his post while both Dave and I are at our computers, within 4 feet of each other, I've gone through numerous kinds of earphones, none of which worked for me until I got these wonders that hook over my ears, and press against the exact space where I hear music best.

For years I daydreamed about having some sort of techy implant in my head that would play music for me when I pushed my tongue against my teeth.  These new earphones have the sound I imagined that implant would give me, and I didn't have to be operated on to get there.

I know someone is going to ask me what the name of these wonders is, but I'm listening to The Civil Wars right now and can't take time to check.  Oh wait, I can put the music on pause---I love technology but I'm undertrained.  The earphones are Sony's , they have no model name printed on them and they look like this:

And when I'm listening to music I love, I look like this:


  1. I didn't know I was this problematic :) If it makes you feel better; I go through headphones like crazy as well :(

    While I'll never seem to sway you into listening to Hip-Hop or Reggae. I'm glad you enjoyed some of my other choices :D

    Also super happy, you look more like your cheerful self in the second pic! Yeah for wine!!

  2. Looks like they're serving you well. I can only use old school headphones because little earbuds don't fit in my little ears.

  3. I'm glad you solved your problem of the earphones. :)