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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Passive revenge might be sweet

I have crickets on my patio.  A check on the internet leads me to think I have crickets in the house, as well, but except for one that came in through the patio door, and therefore doesn't count as an intruder, I haven't any evidence that they're inside.

Crickets are noisy little crispy animals.  They chatter (males only apparently) incessantly.  I used to find that charming.  I am less charmed these days.  My other neighbours with the same ground-floor configuration as ours are happily unaware of, or even more happily unburdened by, crickets, which seems totally unfair and even more totally unlikely.

Every evening around 6:30, I'm going to sit outside with a glass of wine, until I hear one of my neighbours run screaming from the house, yelling, "Crickets!  There are crickets!"  I will smile understandingly and continue to turn the volume up on my MP3 player, until I hit 11. 


  1. Are you sure is the males doing the chattering?

  2. We have at least one in our basement and it talks to me the whole time I am down there beading. Perhaps I will see a cricket wearing a necklace one of these days.