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Saturday, 5 November 2011

number 346 in my interminable list of lists

Some new things I tried today:

  • sleeping in (oh, all right, I know that's not really new, but it is lovely)
  • adding crunchy pickles to my ham sandwich
  • washing out plastic bags (I've resisted for years, but every once in a while, I get the urge to be good)
  • drinking Coors light in a fairly grungy tavern
  • watching a gypsy-rock band performing better and better until at song number 12, I was almost sorry to see them finish their gig
  • mentally thanking the CBC for showcasing the amazing and energetic Slim Cessna's Auto Club, so that Dave and I got to see them live in the grungy bar with the Coors light, standing on chairs
  • eating Jos Louis cakes at midnight on the street walking home (the first four words don't count as new things)


  1. I wash plastic bags but like me pickles separate. Wish I was there at the grungy bar or gypsy band!

  2. You might have thought to sing or listen to Patsy Cline when you were out walking and eating Jos ... After Midnight. Thumbs up: I guess you really are feeling better.

  3. It feels good to try new things, Lorna. Sometimes I wash out plastic bags...but mostly I don't. I guess I could try harder. :)